October 3, 2016

Civic Associations


Mid County Civic Association of Prince William:

President Martin Jeter— Sanmar02@aol.com



The Lake Ridge, Occoquan, Coles Civic Association and its principle committee, the Planning, Environment, Land-Use, and Transportation Committee (PELT):

locca-logo“LOCCA seeks to preserve a sense of community by working with citizens and the development/business community to establish and maintain community standards for new and old development in order to preserve and enhance our quality of life.”



Pres. Jack Kooyoomjian—kjkooyoomjian01@verizon.net

Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Associations Institute 2014 Jump Start January, Monday, January 6, 2014 at the Bethesda Hyatt, Bethesda, Maryland.


Committee Chair Tom Burrell—tom.burrell@verizon.net




Historian Jan Cunard—Jcunard@verizon.net





Occoquan Lake Ridge Civic Association:

Mission Statement:  The OLRCA seeks to represent the citizens of Occoquan and Lake Ridge area on quality of life issues and opportunities. 

olr-logo-fa-1The Occoquan Lake Ridge Civic Association began in March of 2015, following a merger with the Land Use Advisory Council.   Today, we have over 500 people in the Occoquan and Lake Ridge Area that follow us on Facebook.

The purpose of the association is to further the common good, general welfare, and interests of the citizens of Occoquan and Lake Ridge area in Prince William County Virginia by building a sense of community, addressing quality of life, economic development, land use and planning, parks and recreation, environment, transportation, public safety and general community interests.

bodyshot-bryPresident Bryanna Altman—bryanna@thecomputerdoctor.biz  |  Phone: 571-283-1983

The Executive Committee and founding members are:

Bryanna Altman, Barry Dean, Jim Drakes, Kim Hosen and Eileen Sheridan.

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