September 29, 2016

Economic Development

cropped-imageedit_1_4429252665.pngProactive engagement with citizens who are leading and participating in projects that foster a sense of community throughout the entire Occoquan District.


Goal Area 1 - Economic Development

Working with our business partners, we will create a Business-Friendly Environment in the Occoquan District and Prince William County
Objective #DescriptionAction StrategiesDone
ECO-01Rewrite the Parkway Employment Center within 120 days of new fiscal year (FY18)1.     Initiate Staff Directive for staff to develop plan to rewrite the sector plan
2.     Create ad-hoc Citizen Advisory Committee comprised of private citizens, developers and business persons
3.     Identify infrastructure requirements for inclusion in the Capital Investment Program (CIP)
4.     Meet with business leaders to determine types of businesses that can be attracted to the sector plan area.
ECO-02Develop Strategy to attract Government Contractors, Data Centers, Medical Offices, Research Labs, Cyber Security Firms, and other High-Tech companies1.     Create inventory of available parcels
2.     Coordinate with Economic Development to identify potential companies
ECO-03Streamline Development Services Process1.
ECO-04Attract 4 new upscale and unique restaurants1.
ECO-05Within 180 days, publish plan for encouraging and enhancing tourism within the Occoquan District1.