September 29, 2016


cropped-imageedit_1_4429252665.pngProactive engagement with citizens who are leading and participating in projects that foster a sense of community throughout the entire Occoquan District.


Goal Area 5 - Environment

Work to maintain natural beauty and public resources.
Objective #DescriptionAction StrategiesDone
ENV-01Establish a Deer Management Program for Prince William County1.      
ENV-02Partner with “Keep Prince William Beautiful” to set up plan for litter removal1.     Marlo Thomas is designing with her team to join us.
2.     Begin list of trouble spots all across the District
ENV-03Address Occoquan River Erosion1.      
ENV-04Study possible Drinking Water Reservoir Protection Overlay District1.      
ENV-05Increase Public Park area in District1.     Davis Ford Road (old PWCSA wastewater treatment facility
2.     Oakwood/Old Bridge
3.     Minnieville/Harbor Drive
4.     Smoketown/Old Bridge

Our office has teamed up with Keep Prince William Beautiful on many occasions to help encourage the Occoquan District to keep our environment clean, attractive, and flourishing. 

Keep Prince William Beautiful, Inc. is a community non-profit organization with a mission to serve Prince William County by partnering with residents, businesses and government to educate and inspire people to be environmental stewards and Keep Prince William Beautiful.

One of the things our office does routinely is clean-up our Adopted spot on Devil’s Reach Road. Through the Adopt-a-Spot Program, community members takes charge of the health of their neighborhood, block or favorite spot.


Program Details:

  • Almost any place can be adopted – School grounds, library sites, parks, residential common areas, etc. Adoptee’s maintain their Spot free of litter and debris on an ongoing basis for a minimum of two years.
  • Spot maintenance takes approximately 2 to 3 
    hours per cleanup, including the time it takes to file a cleanup report.

Get involved! Become an 

adopter today! Fill out the Adopt-a-Spot application, and help Keep Prince William Beautiful!









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