September 29, 2016


cropped-imageedit_1_4429252665.pngProactive engagement with citizens who are leading and participating in projects that foster a sense of community throughout the entire Occoquan District.


Goal Area 4 - Governance

Establish programs to ensure a transparent government that reaches out to constituents, has open lines of communication, and fosters a sense of public involvement.
Objective #DescriptionAction StrategiesDone
GOV-01Establish robust constituent service program1. Input and track communication with constituents through a digital case tracker.  Open cases must be updated and constituents contacts on a regular basis. Staff members must communicate the outcome of each case with a constituent.

2. Review cases and provide updates per case at weekly staff meetings.Allows staff to communicate and work through challenging cases through a collaborative process.
GOV-02Establish processes within District Office to use and maintain various social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs (Next Door Aps), etc.1. Enhance Facebook communication with residents. January 2017: FB likes 555
January 2019: FB likes 894
2. To post emergency, transit, and other pertenant information daily.

3. Monitor and participate in community blogs and forums.checkmark
GOV-03Meet on regular basis with Homeowner and Civic Association leaders1. Ensure community leaders know our office is available to participate in community meetings.Some examples of our participation include:
Several HOAs
PWC Committee of 100
GOV-04Host multiple community meetings per year1. Plan at least 6 town halls per year in various areas of the Occoquan Districtcheckmark
2. Plan specific community forums to address current community issues within the District.  checkmark
Some examples of forums that have been held include:
Landlord Summit for affordable housing
Gang Awareness Forum
Conversations with the Chief of Police
Traffic Congestion Think Tanks (Davis/Yates Ford Roads, Old Bridge Road)
Old Bridge Road Engineering Study Community Input Meeting
Emergency Community Forums related to Public Safety
Park Planning Community Input Meetings
GOV-05Publish Monthly and Seasonal District Newsletters1. Design and Mail 2 Seasonal Newsletters to update constituents on important events, resources, and district updates.

2. Send monthly district email updates. Send special or emergency updates when necessary.

GOV-06Establish viable District Budget Committee1. Coordinate FY17 Budget Committee
Coordinate FY18 Budget Committee
Coordinate FY19 Budget Committee
Budget Committees were established in each of these years with approximately 15 citizens per year. Budget Committee members provided input that was useful in reccomended changes to the PWC Budget.
2. Coordinate FY20 Budget Committee - First Meeting held Friday, January 25, 2019.