September 29, 2016


cropped-imageedit_1_4429252665.pngProactive engagement with citizens who are leading and participating in projects that foster a sense of community throughout the entire Occoquan District.


Goal Area 6 - Schools

Guarantee access for all citizens to the types of educational programs needed for success; ensure quality school infrastructure for K-12.
Objective #DescriptionAction StrategiesDone
SCH-01Encourage workforce development in school programs1. Met with Doug Wright at PWSC to discuss increased workforce development in Middle/High Schools.checkmark
2. Met with State Department Representative to discuss Federal opportunities for cyber security training in schools. Invited PWCS representatives to join meeting. checkmark
3. Work with PWCS and County staff to discuss possibility of internships for high school students.
4. Initiate high school and college internship program in Occoquan District office. Link to intern program:

5. Encourge businesses to consider internship programs for high school students.
6. Support public safety cadet and internship programs.
SCH-02Study advisability of the Revenue Sharing Agreement with PWCS1. Direct County staff to analyze feasebility and potential positive and negative consequences of returning the revenue sharing agreement to routine budget checkmark
2. Work with other Supervisors and School Board members to discuss pros and cons.checkmark
SCH-03Facilitate Land Acquisition for School Sites1. Find 2 elementary school sites within the Occoquan District.1. Supported Parkway Elementary School site and additional money required for land acquisition
2. Supported 3 School Additions in lieu of additional school
2. Analyze possibility of historical preservation at Occoquan Elementary School with School Board.
SCH-04Recommend creation of and participate in the Joint BOCS/PWCS Committee for Capital Improvement 1. Establish routine meetings to discuss site acquisition for schools Capitial improvements, communication processes with residents, and reduction of trailers.checkmark
2. Analyze gaps between PWCS and County planning staff regarding communication with each other and student/housing projections.In process.
3. Work with committee to facilitate land acquisition.
SCH-05Work with School Board to analyze needs at Woodbridge Senior High School1. Met with several school board members and community groups.
2. Supported several improvements at WSHS