September 29, 2016


cropped-imageedit_1_4429252665.pngProactive engagement with citizens who are leading and participating in projects that foster a sense of community throughout the entire Occoquan District.


Goal Area 7 - Transportation

Create a multi-modal transportation system that gets people to and from destinations within the County and beyond in a safe and efficient manner; create walkable and bikeable communities.
Objective #DescriptionAction StrategiesDone
TRA-01Establish “Congestion Think Tanks” for Old Bridge Road, Smoketown Road, Davis and Yates Ford Road, and beyond.1. Schedule meetings with residents to establish the Think TanksHeld Series of Thinks Tanks for a total of 6 meetings.
Link to articles - Spring 2017:


Fall 2017:

2. Meet regularly with VDOT and PWC DOT to discuss solutions.checkmark
3. Facilitate congestion mitigation study conducted by engineers.Link to Study:

4. Adovocate for implementation of multiple community supported suggestions from study.
TRA-02Improve Public Transit availability and options1. Appointed to PRTC Commission and joined strategic planning committee. checkmark
2. Work to implement approved strategic plan. The plan includes increased service, options, and communication strategies for commuters.Several improvements have been initiated.
3. Encourage commuters to use public transit.Supported rebranding to OmniRide: Link
TRA-03Increase and improve commuter lots1. Increase number of parking spaces including potential structured parking at the Horner Road commuter lot.
2. Consider commuter lots in other areas of the District.
3. See further action items regarding commuter lots on Public Safety Goal:
TRA-04Improve multi-modal transportation options for residents.1. Identify need areas for sidewalks and develop plan for pedestrian improvements.checkmark
2. Work with Local, State and Federal grant programs to fund sidewalk implementation.Antietam Sidewalk:
Old Bridge Road Sidewalk - Antietam to Mohican and Old Bridge Road Sidewalk - Colby to Minnieville (Southside):

3. Promote alternative transportation through hosting pit stop for Bike-to-Work Day in PWC in 2018 and 2019.checkmark
4. See action item regarding Occoquan Greenway Trail in Environment Goal: LINK
TRA-05Alleviate bottleneck on I-95 at the 123 Bridge 1. Work with stakeholders to identify potential solutions for traffic alleviation.checkmark
TRA-062. Work with County and State DOT staff to create preliminary design.Link to SMARTSCALE application:
3. Advocate for funding at local, state, and federal levels.
4. Support construction of southbound shoulder lane at 123